Four Things You Should Know About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Wrist pain? It may be a sign of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, also known as CTS, is an uncomfortable and often painful wrist disorder. It is a common injury that can be caused by workplace stress. Here are four things you should know about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

1) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused by repeated stress.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a Repetitive Stress Injury (RST). It occurs when the same action is repeated many times. When wrists are strained over and over again by actions like typing, the tendons in the wrist can become enlarged. Then the tendons can compress a nerve that runs through a passage in the wrist called the “carpal tunnel.”

2) Even if your wrists don’t hurt badly, you could still have CTS.

There are a whole range of symptoms associated with CTS, not just pain. Symptoms of CTS can include numbness or tingling pain in the hand, wrist, and forearm, impaired or lost nerve function, reduced muscle control, and reduced grip strength.

3) You can receive workers’ compensation for CTS.

According to Nebraska and Iowa law, workers can receive workers’ compensation from the onset of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This compensation includes 100% of all medical expenses that are reasonable and necessary to treat CTS, including both inpatient and outpatient care and prescriptions.

4) You may be entitled to compensation for permanent damage due to CTS.

If you experience partial or permanent loss of use of your hands or arms as the result of getting CTS at work, you may also be entitled to compensation for this loss. This is called Permanent Partial Disability Compensation, or PPD. Whether you receive PPD and how much you receive will be decided by a judge if you live in Nebraska and by an commissioner if you live in Iowa. If you think you may have CTS, talk to a doctor and lawyer you trust. You don’t have to suffer silently.

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